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    Apologetic Foundational Fallacies

    Apologetic Foundational Fallacies

    There is an apologetic trend to claim that certain human constructs or aspects of reality require a divine agent to be valid. As with much apologetics, they do their best to represent a vaguely defined have-it-your-way god with the hopes that once someone, anyone, accepts this cypher they might parlay it into...
    The Infideli Menu

    The Infideli Menu

    I originally came up with the idea of The Infideli last year and referenced it in name only as an ongoing joke for months. One day, I took the concept to the next level by creating a very punny, if not funny, menu. After a lot of good feedback, it...
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    Alpha & Beta

    I got a dog the other day, his name’s Alpha. I really went all out accommodating the pooch. I made the entire house a canine playground. I put a different bowl of food in every room. I installed ramps so that every inch of furniture could be his domain. I maxed out my treat budget....

    A Personal Relationship with Atheism

    Atheism isn’t a worldview. It isn’t a belief system. It’s a single belief, or as many of us phrase it, a “lack of” a single belief. It’s not a religion, it has no dogma or doctrine, and it only unites us under the same wide umbrella as the label “theism” unites the rest. Theism, as...

    Noah Memeified

      The following is a collection of original memes inspired by a “morality tale” in a book of mythology about an infinitely powerful guy who gets his kicks drowning planets.